Making a smooth transition for you and your puppy.

The transition process of bringing your puppy home can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have help. Silver Platter Chocolate Labs now offers a Board and Train Service. Your puppy will experience basic training in a friendly home for 5-7 days (food, treats, and toys included). Our family will focus mainly on crate training introduction. The first week of crate training can be extremely difficult. It is generally filled with a lot of crying and midnight outings. By 5-7 days most puppies are sleeping through the night and accept their crate as a positive, safe sanctuary.

For $300.00 we will break through this initial phase and crate train your puppy for you before he/she comes home at 8 weeks! This means your puppy will be used to sleeping without litter mates, confined in a safe and comfortable crate indoors and then running free with litter-mates during the day.

Space is limited in each litter for this option, so please let us know if you are interested! We have many happy families who have used our Board and Train service prior to their puppy coming home and were glad they did!

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