Find everything you need to know about what you’ll need to purchase to be ready for your puppy below.

Quality Food

We feed our dogs and puppies Life’s Abundance because of it’s amazing quality, the integrity of the company and because they love it! To read more about this food and your Lifetime Health Guarantee for your puppy, click here.

Nutritional Supplements

We use NuVet vitamins and supplements for all of our puppies and adult dogs. We love them!

TruPanion Pet insurance

Having your dog set up with pet insurance can go a long way to helping if you are ever in a situation where they get unexpectedly injured and have high medical costs. We highly recommend Trupanion dog insurance!

Wire Crate with Divider

Even if you don’t crate train long term, crates are a great tool for potty training. You will want to purchase a crate large enough for your adult dog, with a divider to use while they are a puppy. Read more…


You will need at least one bed, for your crate. You might also want an additional bed in another room or outside of the crate.

Stuff to Chew on:

  • Bully Stick Chews
    Bully sticks provide a distraction that lasts longer than most other chews.
  • Natural Pig Ear
  • Dogswell Chicken Jerky Chews
    Totally optional, but they provide a minute of chewing pleasure that make crate training so much easier!
  • Kong or Other Fill-able, Chew-able Toys
    Fill-able toys allow you to stuff them with your dog’s favorite treat, or a special treat that will keep them occupied and satisfy their chewing needs!

NOTE: Avoid bleached chews, raw hides 

Toys with Various Texures

Remember, different teeth have different chewing needs. So be sure to have squishy, hard, rough, smooth, etc.

Trainer Clicker

Clicker training is a very effective method of training. There are tons of resources online or you can take your puppy to a class to learn more about how to clicker train.

Training Treats

Get natural treats that don’t have a lot of filler ingredients like corn or sugar. We like “Mini Naturals”, and salmon is our personal favorite!

Collar, Leash and Harness

Just a few basic things every dog needs! Harnesses optional, but they can be more comfortable and safer than leading your new dog by a collar.

I.D. Tag

Our favorite I.D tags are “Red Dingo”. They ship right to you within days and are inexpensive. They last forever and are durable. Much better than the machines at stores!

Stainless Steel Food and Water Dishes

Stainless steel lasts forever and can be cleaned more thoroughly than plastic or ceramic dishes. They are also safer and just easier to manage!

Dog Shampoo

Earthbath is our favorite, we ask that you not use Hartz or Seargents.

Potty Bell

Potty bells can be found anywhere you find fishing or livestock supplies, or you can get a bell made specifically for dogs. It’s a great way to start potty training and gives your Lab a really easy way to communicate that he/she needs to go out!

Long Lead

A long lead is needed for any puppy classes, and are great for teaching your dog the basics like “come” and “stay”.

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