“Thanks again for the amazing puppy.”

“She is such a sweetheart and continues to make me a very happy pet owner. She loves hikes, the beach, swimming, fetching, and mostly just being surrounded by a bunch of people loving on her like she was originally raised. Thanks again for the amazing puppy.”


Update on "Mousse" Silver Platter Chocolate Lab

“I feel so blessed to have stumbled across Silver Platter Chocolate labs. From the very first inquiry email through the first couple of weeks with our puppy being home, Danielle and Melinda were there with every update, question, concern and more. Our newest family member “Rhaegar” is just a doll. He has the perfect temperament you’d expect from a Labrador – he’s incredibly smart, loving, playful, and handsome as can be! Not only would I recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a top notch lab, but odds are high that we’ll be back to add to our family some day! Thank you for everything!”

Kristy Tyler

From the first day Henry arrived his sweet personality won us over completely. He is friendly and smart, good with children (we have a five year old and they love each other), easy to train, and at 12 weeks is sleeping through the night in his crate, sits and stays on command, and lets us know when he needs to go outside. We are so glad we chose Silver Platter Chocolate Labs for our dog. Danielle promptly answered all our questions and had advice for every little thing that came up in the first weeks. The Poling family was gracious and welcoming and provided a nurturing environment for the puppies in their early days. We are excited for all the good times ahead and highly recommend SPCL!


We get so many compliments on him on how beautiful he is and how friendly and well mannered he is. Thank you and Bethany for bringing such a wonderful companion into this World. ❤️

Steve Ednie

Hi Melinda,
Mandy is fitting right in. I love that she is litter box trained. Sophie and Mandy are doing super well! We’re having fun watching them play. Also, I wanted to let you know that we used the bedtime technique that is on Puppy Culture. Crate open and playpen surrounding the crate with her litter box. She only fussed for about 5 minutes or less and never made a peep the whole night. I was a little worried in the middle of the night, but she was fine. When I got up at 5:30, she was awake and just looked at me.🤣
She was put to bed at 10pm, so 10pm to 5:30am!! 🥰

Returning SPCL family from Milwaukee

“Wanted to let you know we are loving our boy! We were a little worried how he would be that first year not being neutered until 12 months old but he was perfect! Never marked or showed aggression or “wondering” habits. We are so thankful we took advantage of Danielle’s Board and Train option so he came home already crate trained! He loves hiking, camping and fishing. He is a real snuggler and everyone who sees him has to stop & love on that big muzzle of his! Thanks again and we will keep in touch!”

The Calkins Family

“I just wanted to say thank you for our puppy Luna. She has such a great temperament. Her and our two year old have become fast friends. Luna is so patient with him. And of course, like all silver platter labs, she is so beautiful. We get so many compliments on her color. She has been such a perfect addition to our family. Thank you!”

Hannah Looney

We purchased a Chocolate Lab from you just over 2 years ago (I am the State Trooper).

Finn is a fabulous dog and loved family member. He hunted for the first time this year and did fantastic as well as loved it!!  It took very little training and he seemed to just figure it out quickly.

21 ducks and 2 geese on his first hunt!

Caleb, Carrie and Drake

For sure. George is so awesome and we love him. We are so thankful that people like you put in the hard work to breed these beautiful pups. So, thank you!

Brent Smith

So Slate has gained four pounds, got his microchip, and won the hearts of everyone at our vet clinic. He’s almost fully potty trained and our Bengal cat is his bff. Such a smart little guy!!

Dr. Vicky

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