What do you feed the puppies?

We proudly feed Life’s Abundance Dog food and NuVet Supplements. More information can be found on our Dog Food Page.

How often/much should I feed my new puppy?

Feed your new puppy often during the first 48 hours of coming home, to help avoid hypoglycemia. After that, feed 3 meals a day until six months old. I do not recommend “free feeding” at such a young age because puppy will need to potty after eating so controlled feedings help potty training. Feed your puppy ALL he/she wants to eat (kibble) in a 15 minute setting, three times daily. Doing this has given our puppies wonderful eating control for adulthood and actually has developed dogs that don’t tend to overeat.

What if my puppy is chewing on something bad?
  1. Walk up to your puppy.
  2. Once your by the puppy (and not on the way) clap and say “No!”
  3. IMMEDIATELY give your puppy something he/she CAN have and say “Fluffy’s toy, good boy!” (Or whatever his/her name is).

If the problem persists on the same object, help your puppy by not leaving to accessible. If it is something you can’t move out of reach, try spraying Bitter Apple (or other bitters you can get from the pet store). They grow out of this as well.

My spouse and I work full time. Can we still get a puppy?

Yes! Many of our puppies have been placed with working families and it is possible! We will teach you how to use an X-Pen system properly while you’re gone long hours.  Potty training will likely take a little longer than if someone were home, but it is absolutely do-able! We have designed a healthy and productive plan for working families with their new puppy.

How much do Silver Platter puppies cost?

Silver/Charcoal Limited Registration: $1,850
Chocolate Limited Registration: $1,550
Silver/Charcoal Full Registration: $2,750
Chocolate Full Registration: $2,250
Learn More.

Are they hyper?

We do not support or breed the Americanized Lab that is commonly high strung, hyper, ball obsessive and oftentimes knocks down children due to their excited personality. Our dogs have a healthy energy built with endurance and stamina for a long hunting trip. They have the focus that is needed to sit silently with their owner and wait for waterfowl. Our Labs are bred for their loyalty and obedient hearts.

Do they need a lot of exercise?

A tired puppy is a good puppy! Puppies have energy and without daily fetch and/or walks they will find their own way to entertain themselves which will likely not be a positive one. Around a year old they balance out to be a dog that is content with moderate exercise.

Do they like water?

When exposed properly, these Labs LOVE swimming and fetching from the water!

Do they over-eat?

We raise our puppies understanding free feeding. Labradors often struggle with an overeating habit and we do everything we can during their time with us to help them understand eating control. Although we recommend controlled feedings for your puppy when she has gone home to ease the transition of potty training, we free-feed our puppies until 8 weeks so that they never are out of food. We want them to understand that food is always available in puppyhood so there is no reason to eat fast or eat too much.

How do I potty train?

We have a whole page dedicated to potty/confinement training! Check it out here.

Do you ship?


What medical care will my puppy have done?

Your puppy will leave here with dewclaws removed, up-to-date on deworming and vaccinations. We will provide you with records of what was done, and when, as well as what’s needed after your puppy comes home!

Do your dogs have any testing done?

Absolutely! Please visit each dog’s individual bio on our Girls and Stud pages for each dog’s tests and results.

What supplies should we have for our puppy?

Please visit our Shopping List page!

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