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We are nestled in the heart of wine country in Yamhill County, Oregon. It has always been my (Melinda’s) dream to raise Chocolate Labs. This dream went on hold while we were having and raising our children. Some dear friends of ours saved their money and searched for just the right English Chocolate Lab to begin a small family business. They were living our dream and we cheered them on, falling head-over-heels in love with their long awaited dog, Mocha. After her first litter was born, they were satisfied and decided to give us Mocha. We were elated! She became our cherished family dog. She went to the creek with us on hot summer days and camped with us at our favorite get-a-ways. Someday we would breed her. But, neither we nor she were in a hurry to rush into that world.

One day, while on a family hike with Mocha, we met another traveler with a Chocolate Lab. But, something looked strikingly different. After studying their retriever and chatting several minutes it came out that the markings we saw were from a Silver Lab. We went home to research and learn more about the silver gene.

We talked long about this opportunity of starting a small kennel with our children. This would, after all, be their business too. My sister-in-law, Danielle, would be our mentor since she has worked with dogs, breeding, and the like for years. We decided to spend time finding just the right stud dog and breed her to another Chocolate Lab of equally outstanding quality. Whiskey was the match. So, at the right time, off we went to Washington. Sixty three days later she was helping Mocha deliver beautiful Chocolate Labradors.

Over time, we have added various incredible dogs to the program, each paid for and selected by our children excited to invest in our small family hobby.

The Poling family works together to provide cleanliness, socialization, puppy training and being sure each puppy has affection and attention.

 We offer high density nutrition through vitamins and diet. Daily exercise is an important part of our program as well as making sure each fur babies are held and loved. We begin early neurological stimulation on day three, and continue working with each pup to ensure a pleasant, workable, and well balanced personality. Potty training begins here, you complete the process.

Melinda Poling – Manager and Midwoof

Melinda has been breeding for 10 years and has great knowledge in pet nutrition, breeding, canine pregnancy, whelping and raising puppies. Melinda handles all of the initial client communication as well as guides us through each breeding. She is there during every puppy whelping to ensure everyone’s safety and is also our main photographer! Questions regarding medical care and training are often directed her way while we focus on the cleanliness, socialization, puppy training and being sure each puppy has affection and attention!

We Raise Labrador Retrievers

For the joy of watching each life be born

To see each puppy be individually placed in loving homes

To teach our children the responsibility of raising well bred AKC registered pups

To teach our children financial responsibility – The money earned goes to the children’s college education

But most of all, to provide an avenue to see God work practically in the inevitable needs that arise in birth, care, and placing pups in just the right homes

Kona’s 1st Birth

By James C. Poling
December 10, 2014

Kona has been my dog since two years ago when Mocha, our family dog, had five puppies. My mom and I each decided to keep one. I named mine Kona. Then she grew up and we bred her to our Silver Labrador.

We calculated her dates and the countdown was on. I was sleeping out on the couch hearing the sound of a petrified cat. I jumped up off the couch to grab the cat. There wasn’t a cat but a brand new puppy that my own 2 year old chocolate lab birthed. She brought me the puppy and I handed it back.

Then she set it down and circled it yipping nervously as if she did not know what to do with it. I led her back to the birthing pen I had set up for her and her pups.

The 3rd pup came out late and was not breathing. So my aunt took the puppy and raised it straight up in the air then flung it down by her knees. With it still in her hand, she tried this three times and on the third time the puppy gasped for its first breath.

Number nine puppy got stuck and did not come out for two hours, which is dangerous. That’s when we got serious about praying. My aunt called the vet and said that we will need to take her in to have an ultrasound and maybe even a c-section. We warmed the car and put Kona’s other eight puppies in. Meanwhile, I tried to get Kona to stand up (practically lifting her up) hoping she would stand on her own four legs. She stood up and out came the last puppy. She licked it dry. We praised God and canceled the appointment at the vet.

I am super excited to have Kona because I have always wanted a Chocolate Lab just like her mother, Mocha. And she is just as great as her mother.

James – Owner of Kona

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